Military discount cars and tax free cars
for HM Forces, Army, Navy, RAF & Marines.

The Ford Range

Our range of military discount and tax free cars.

The best military discounts and
tax free prices in the UK!

We supply military discount cars and tax free cars to British military personnel including regular Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines as well as foreign armed forces, NATO and United Nations personnel and Diplomats.

Military discounted cars are exactly the same cars you would purchase through a dealership like Cuff Miller on a day to day basis, except these cars come with heavy discounts unique to military service personnel and are offered directly by the car manufacturers themselves.

We’re a Ford specialist because Ford provide some of the biggest discounts in the industry and with Cuff Miller being a Ford Retail Dealer nobody can beat our prices.

UK forces car discounts

If you’re part of the UK armed forces, including the regular Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Military Police and you’re based in the UK you can benefit from Ford’s military discount programme, also known as tax paid cars, saving literally £1000’s on a brand new car that’s no different to what a regular retail customer would buy. If you’re part of the UK military based internationally you can also benefit from massive tax free savings if you plan to export your car.

Discounts for foreign forces, NATO, UN & Diplomats

Our military discount cars are not just for H.M. Forces personnel. If you’re part of a foreign forces visiting or posted to the UK, part of NATO or the United Nations or you’re a Diplomat / part of the Diplomatic Corps the same military pricing and tax free export discounts apply to you too. In certain situations even your families can benefit!

Tax free cars for export

Tax free cars are available if you plan on exporting your car from the UK within 6 months of purchase. We are regular exporters of cars for H.M Forces, foreign armed forces and other personnel to countries such as Germany (BFG), Cyprus, Italy, Holland, Belgium and Switzerland. British Forces Germany are one of our largest customers and we regularly export cars to North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Hereford.

Tax free cars for personal export

British Civilians and Ex-Pats across the world qualify for tax free cars under HMRC’s personal export scheme. We regularly export cars to the EU and the rest of the world each year to those who have left our shores.

How we can help

We take the hassle out of purchasing a new car for you. We handle everything including test-drives, left hand drive vehicles, military car finance, part exchanges, delivery and of course all the paperwork.

As a military discount and tax free cars specialist we are highly knowledgable on the discounts available and the tax implications to all types of personnel whether based here in the UK or abroad. To date we have successfully exported thousands of discounted Ford cars and we will also make a donation to the ‘Help for Heroes‘ charity with every car sold.

If you have any questions regarding the discounts available to you please call +44(0)1903 711944 or email

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